The Millionaire maker.

CASH for only $49.50 (plus postage).


CASH is the name of this overwhelming sensation in strategy games that is taking Wall Street by storm. A game of barter and ruthless enterprise, CASH is a fast paced pathway to wheeling and dealing your way to a million.

CASH is a fun strategy card game that is both easy to learn, has solid mechanics and has an unlimited combination of plays which ensure no two games will ever be the same. We were attracted to this game because of the theme (money), but have come to love the speed at which strategies constantly change and how competitive the game becomes.

CASH has some of the best production values we have seen is some time, particularly from a first-time creator.

CASH is the ultimate mashup of greed, risk, strategy and manipulation we have ever seen. Played right, this game has the potential to outshine some of the more commercialized games already in the public domain.

Game Play


As a CASH Trader, your goal is to collect as much capital as possible. The game ends when any player has collected $1,000,000.00 in capital, and the winner is the player with the most capital.

CASH is played over a series of trading rounds. During a trading round each player continues to take a turn until a player plays the Stop Trading card, which ends the trading round.

The main way to collect capital is to play CASH cards onto your Trading Firm. Be careful, though, as CASH cards are easily stolen unless you insure them with Insurance cards.

You will also compete over hot commodities such as Bull Market cards, and the other players will try to outdo you with commissions, extra turns, and blind card swaps.

When a trading round ends, each player's capital is counted up. Capital is the value of the player's tabled CASH cards modified by any bonuses or penalties to capital noted on the cards in the player's hand or on any Trading Firm.

In this cut-throat setting of high flying magnates, each player is faced with a myriad of choices and decisions. Too soft and you’ll get buried by your competition, too hard and your opponents will team up against you.

In this ultimate game of treachery, greed, diplomacy and financial survival, you will have a lot of fun while learning the true art of making the deal and business acumen.

Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate CASH Trader?