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Nothing compares.

The only card game that puts you in the shoes of modern day entrepreneur

CASH is a money grabbing attack strategy card game that will have you playing long after bed-time. Deal with the financial crisis; avoid jail time for money laundering or tax evasion and get good at stealing your competitors CASH.

As the deck runs out, your choices become more ruthless. You will become adept at getting ahead in the most creative ways. Alliances are made - and perhaps broken - in the quest for financial domination.

Game layout and strategy

Markets and Mayhem

CASH makes the most of its theme which sets the mood

The game is quite easy to pick up and easy to understand with enough player interaction that nothing is ever predictable. You really have to keep an eye on other players. This, paired with the number of cards, means that each game is going to be different. No game will ever play out quite the same way.